IGG Software Releases iBiz 4 for Mac Time Tracking, More

IGG Software announced the release of iBiz 4 on Wednesday, an upgrade to the time-tracking, billing and project management solution for the Mac. New features in iBiz 4 include statements and invoices, as well as other enhancements.

Users can elect to send invoices and payments from a particular date range, or select specific items to include in statements. iBiz 4 also adds new templates for statements, invoices and reports. A new iCal sync engine allows for projects, events, to-do lists, invoice due dates with alarms, and other timeline-driven aspects of project or billing management.

Also available now is the iBiz Professional package. This package includes iBiz Server 4 and two licenses for iBiz Client 4. iBiz Professional allows all connected users to share the same set of data, so changes made by one employee are seen by all other employees as soon as they select that project. iBiz Pro also allows users to connect to the network from home or any location with Internet access and share data with employees in the office.

iBiz 4 is available for US$40. iBiz Pro is priced at US$100. Both are available through the IGG Web site.

Screen shot from iBiz 4