iGrill Turns an iPhone into Your Kitchen Staff

LAS VEGAS — Apple’s iPhone gained a new job for back yard BBQ fans thanks to iGrill from iDevices. The company showed off the meat temperature probe and iOS monitoring app combo at the Consumer Electronics Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Since plugging a temperature probe into your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and leaving the device sitting next to a hot grill is probably a good way to void your AppleCare warranty, iDevices built a long range USB transmitter into the iGrill hardware so you can keep your Apple gear a safe distance away from the heat.

Eat up!iGrill from the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The free iGrill app lets you choose what kind of meat you’re preparing and how you want it cooked. Once the meat reaches the appropriate temperature, an alarm sounds on your iDevice so you don’t accidentally over cook. The companion app also includes recipes, cooking timers, and pointers so you know when to start cooking the rest of your meal.

An iDevices spokesperson told The Mac Observer “iGrill is popular with people that always burn what they grill because it tells you when everything is cooked right.”

iGrill is priced at US$99 and includes a single sensor probe. A second probe costs $19. The companion iGrill app is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.