iHub Basic Syncs iCal, Contact Info Wirelessly

nova media unveiled its new iHub Basic application for the Mac on Wednesday. iHub Basic lets users sync calendars and contacts between their Mac and iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad without relying on cloud-based services such as Apple’s MobileMe.

iHub Basic runs as background application on your Mac, and supports the CalDAV and CardDAV standards. It lets users manage which Address Book groups and iCal calendars sync, offers read and write access controls for calendars and contacts, and can share data over ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections when a local wireless network isn’t available, too.

iHub Basic requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Calendar syncing for the iPhone and iPod touch requires iOS 3 or higher, and iOS 3.2 on the iPad. Address Book syncing requires iOS 4.

iHub Basic is priced at US$29.95 and is available for download at the nova media Web site.