iKlear Cleaner Okay to Use on iPad Screen

Those who may have some bottles of Meridrew’s iKlear screen cleaner for computer LCD displays will be happy to know that the product works equally well on the oleophobic display of the Apple iPad.

TMO spoke with Meridrew Enterprises on Monday, and they confirmed that all their iKlear products, the spray liquid as well as the Travel Singles, have been tested with the Apple iPad display. From the press release announcing the iKlear Travel Singles:

“iKlear Travel Singles are the ideal cleaning solution for the iPad and its 9.7 inch diagonal backlit glossy widescreen multi-touch display and aluminum frame. The iPad uses both your finger as the stylus and mouse and utilizes a new on-screen keyboard. iKlear will safely and effectively clean the screen surface leaving an ultra-smooth, anti-static, fingerprint resistant finish so your iPad display will stay clean longer and look and perform better doing it.”

The Travel Singles cloth also has antimicrobial properties which makes it idea for cleaning iPads used by the entire family or a group. Note that the iPhone 3GS uses the same oleophoboc display, and iKlear works great on that phone as well as all previous iPhones.

The iKlear Travel Single Kit is priced at US$14.95. The traditional cleaning kit for computers with a 2 oz. spray bottle and chamois cloth plus 26 Travel Singles is available for US$24.95. Other starter and replacement products are available for less. These cleaning kits are available at all Apple Retail Stores and many independent Apple re-sellers worldwide and online.