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Rumor and speculation has suggested that Apple is planning on releasing a new version of its iLife suite this fall, and a pre-release iLife 11 listing at hinted that the update might be just around the corner. The iLife 11 listing, which apparently has been showing a two to four week delivery since July, disappeared over the weekend, however. was offering pre-release orders of the iLife 11 Family Pack for US$99, although its unclear if anyone successfully completed the order process before the listing was pulled.

Apple hasn’t announced a new version of the iLife suite yet. The most recent release was iLife 09 which shipped in January 2009. The suite includes iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iDVD and GarageBand.

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Lee Dronick

And of course my wife just bought a new MacBook Pro last Thursday, I bought one in the mid summer. smile

I may or may not upgrade us to iLife 11 when it is released, depends of course on the features.

When we were in the Apple Store last week the staff asked if we wanted to also buy iWork. My wife wanted, and uses, Office for her college homework. We said no to iWork, I am thinking that a new version should be out soon. There is an interesting side story to this. We thought that we would walk a few doors down from the Apple Store and buy her a Student edition of Office 2008 at the MicroSoft Store. However, it was $149.95 there while the Apple Store was selling it with a $20 discount. The staff at the MircoSoft Store said there was no discount. We went back to the Apple Store and bought it there. There is a free upgrade to Office 2011.


I made the order after seeing it online.  The trick was to order something else as well, I think.  I needed something else, so:

Delivery estimate: September 29, 2010 - October 12, 2010
1   “iLife ‘11 Family Pack”
DVD-ROM; $99.00

  Sold by:, LLC

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