Illustrating 10 Years of of Apple’s iPod

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Illustrating 10 Years of of Apple’s iPod

The ten year anniversary if Apple’s iPod is fast approaching—it was announced on October 22nd, 2001—the device that marked the turning point of Apple from being beleaguered to being a consumer electronics juggernaut that can seemingly do no wrong.

The folks at have put together a terrific infographic tracing the ten year history of the device. It’s full of pictures and information, and better yet, we have permission to republish it.

Accordingly, behold:

Ten Year History of the iPod


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I love it! I was one of the early promoters of the iPod back in the day. There were many voices saying that it was only an MP3 player, which I strongly rebutted at the time. I was the first person (to the best of my knowledge) to ever buy an iPod, as I was able to get mine a couple of days before the official launch. I have never been disappointed, and I wish I’d held onto my first one, as they are going for over $300 on eBay today.

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