iMac Update Addresses Wi-Fi Issues for Lion Users

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Apple rolled out Wi-Fi Update 1.0 for iMac owners late last Friday. The update for late 2009 and newer iMacs addressed an issue where the computer doesn’t automatically reconnect to wireless networks after waking from sleep when running OS X Lion.

Wi-Fi gets a fix with iMac update for Lion usersWi-Fi gets a fix with iMac update for Lion users

The update requires OS X 10.7.3 and is available via the Software Update application on supported iMacs. It’s also available for download through the Apple Support website.

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Thanks Jeff. I am in the heart of the envelope. I guess I never saw the glitch because I never let my iMac sleep. I let SETI at home crunch in the background all the time. By the way, I very much enjoy your comments and insights on the various podcasts you participate in.


Since installing Lion I found that my late 2009 iMac is slow to reconnect to my wireless network. It sometimes takes 30 to 40 seconds before connection is established, usually it’s 10 to 20 seconds. I don’t recall that it has ever failed to reconnect on waking.
Just one of many of Lion’s annoyances, which hopefully disappears when I install this 1.3 MB update. 

Bluetooth connection issues were much worse.

I certainly won’t be one of the first to move to Mountain Lion.

Carole M

I’ve had this problem since upgrading to Lion.  I have a mid-2007 iMac which isn’t covered by the update.  Well, that’s not making me a happy camper. I have no idea who to contact to complain.


Since installing lion I have issues with my airport express that disconnects my Internet and server frequently while I’m working on it

This is very annoying.. Working with apple to correct however no one has provided a solution yet..
I will not upgrade to mountain lion .

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