Image Capture Saves the Day

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Once you’ve imported the photos from your iPhone’s camera roll into your iPhoto library, you’re presented with a choice: Should you delete the pictures from your phone or keep them there? It may not sound like this is a weighty decision, but if you’ve ever chosen poorly, you know what a headache it can be to get that darned camera roll clean again after keeping photos on it.

Image Capture on the MacImage Capture gives you a second chance to manage photos

Enter Image Capture, a little-used application that comes standard on all Macs. Once you’ve opened it with your iPhone (or other camera) connected, you’ll see a list of the photos in your camera roll. From here, you can choose to selectively delete any of the pictures or everything on the roll, eliminating the need to either remove the photos by hand or throw your iPhone out the window. So this is a cost-saving measure, I assure you.

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I never allow iPhoto to delete my pictures during an import, after an incident where iPhoto failed to successfully import my photos but still deleted them from the iPhone without telling me about the problem. I lost pics of my son’s first haircut and had to use a retrieval program to undelete them from the mac’s trash. Now I always say “keep it” then delete them myself when I am sure they are loaded and backed up.


There’s a lot more you can do from Image Capture and I applaud Apple for enhancing it’s functionality with each major OS update even though they don’t advertise it.


I never delete photos. I always reformat after making sure that all my photos are copied and backed up twice. Formatting the card is safer, IMO, than merely deleting. You have a clean slate every time, this way.

Also Image Capture is quite heavily used on my Mac. I do all my scanning there. It’s a quite credible scanning app. grin


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