iMovie for iOS Now (Mostly) Universal, Supports CNN iReport

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Apple updated iMovie for iOS Thursday to version 1.2. The biggest change in the video editing software is that it is now a (mostly) Universal app, meaning it will work on an iPad (2), in addition to the iPhone (4). It will not work on the original iPad or earlier versions of the iPhone, thus earning our “mostly” qualifier.

Other improvements include a “Multi-Touch Precision Editor” that works only on the iPad (2), more sound editing features, and new HD social networking sharing features, including both a CNN iReport theme and direct export to CNN iReport.

We should also mention that the update requires iOS 4.3 — you can not install it on prior versions of iOS.

Apple’s patch notes:

  • Universal app designed for iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod touch (4th generation).
  • Multi-Touch Precision Editor (iPad only).
  • Multitrack audio editing with 8 themed soundtracks and over 50 bundled sound effects.
  • Audio recording directly into the timeline.
  • Audio waveforms (iPad only).
  • Three new themes — Neon, Simple, and CNN iReport.
  • HD sharing directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport.
  • AirPlay support for sharing to Apple TV (compatible only with second-generation Apple TV; requires iOS 4.3 or later).
  • Project transfer to your computer and compatible iOS devices through iTunes.
  • Ability to add titles on photos.
  • Option to add fade-in from black and fade-out to black.
  • Numerous enhancements, including trimming in Video Browser, in-use markers, video rotation, and more.

The update is free and available now on the App Store. The full version is priced at US$4.99.



if it can work on iphone 4 then there is no good reason that it should not work on iPad 1. They have the same chips.

So it must be enhanced for iPad 2 but I bet it still works on iPad 1.

Has anyone tried??


@OldMorris iPhone 4 has more RAM than iPad 1. It could be a RAM limitation.



Thanks for the teach, had no idea that was the case…


As long as it is an insurmountable hardware based reason that limits a device being upgraded, I don’t mind. What drew my great respect to Apple was that though a computer cost more, the OS would not only upgrade through many moons, the computer would run faster with each update. Our old Apple Molar (largest all-in-one ever) ran from OS 8 through OS10.2.8 getting faster with each incarnation.

The upgrade prob is the reason I shall await the iPad 3. That the first rendition already has this problem is not encouraging. On principle and a Scots background, I get the true and tested and then run it to the ground.

Bryan Chaffin

I think it’s a RAM issue, too.

Note that we did try to download it to 1st Gen iPad before publishing our piece to make sure.


I actually just bought an iPad 1 (discounted price, of course). As I’m primarily going to be using it for video streaming (Netflix, Air Video), the extra features on the iPad 2 weren’t enough to justify the extra cost. I’m glad to see that GarageBand works on the iPad 1. As for iMovie, meh, I have it on my iPhone, and never used it…

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