Indian Launch of iPad a Ho-Hum Affair

The iPad officially went on sale in India on Friday, but there isn’t a lot of excitement surrounding the launch, according to Amit Agarwal, who wrote in a Wall Street Journal column: “The feeling is that Apple is using India as a dumping ground to get rid of all the old inventory.”

He noted that “a lot of people who would have bought that device on day one of its launch may have already got it with the help of their friends in U.S. or even from the gray market.” In addition, tech-savvy Indian residents are just as aware as their counterparts around the world that the second-generation iPad is on its way soon, although Mr. Agarwal was quoted in an AFP story as saying: “iPad2’s official launch in India won’t happen for ages.”

While Mr. Agarwal thinks the iPad will ultimately sell well in India, AFP quoted the manager of on New Delhi store as observing: “We have had lots of calls about the iPad today, but no sales.”