Infographic Shows Evolution of Money from Coins to Apple Pay [Update]

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The folks at Choice Loans have published an infographic called "The Evolution of Payment Methods" that traces the development of money from coins to Apple Pay. I love this infographic because it lets me get my history geek and my tech geek on.

That said, my numismatic geek is all cranky because the timeline says the 1¢ piece was first minted in 1909, 5¢ piece was first minted in 1938, 10¢ and 25¢ were first minted in 1965, and 50¢ and $1 were first minted in 1971. All of which are wrong by a century or so, give or take a decade here and there.

[Update: Choice Loans corrected the infographic to reflect the starting dates of the coins mentioned above. - Editor]

The other factoids—or at least the ones I know about—are accurate, however, and I think it's interesting. Check it out.

View Interactive Version (via Choice Loans).

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The infographic is wrong.
First paper money were issued and went into circulation in 1280s by degree of Mongol Emperor Khubilai, ruler of Yuan dynasty.

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