InfoWallet Personal Information Manager Ships for Mac OS X

California-based developer Thousand Oaks announced the release of InfoWallet, a secure, portable, personal life manager for Mac OS X on Tuesday.

InfoWallet, which is functional with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, can be loaded on a USB flash (often called a "Thumb-drive") so that it is completely portable, carried in a pocket or purse, ready for instant use on any computer.

The application runs entirely on a USB or other portable storage drive - with zero computer software footprint (no data or program files are installed on the computer), unless the user chooses to install the program on their computer and can import and export contact files from any vCARD compliant Address Book (even Outlook address books) on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Most modern Address Books are vCARD compliant.

Other features include the following:

  • Automatic internet lookup and retrieval of your contract's accurate business name, address and phone numbers, when you enter new contacts. Also works with: Google maps, and automatically fills in email address when used with standard email programs such as Mac Mail and Outlook.
  • Thousands of contacts and pages of medical details can be entered, and carried in the user's pocket on InfoWallet.
  • InfoWallet tracks all the following information: Banking and other financial records, Insurance policies, Software licenses and computer passwords, Website passwords, Medical and drug details
  • Maximum user file size limitation is 3GB which is enough for 10,000 doctors, or personal contacts!
  • InfoWallet stores your URL's and passwords which can be used without revealing them to any bystanders. Click on the password button, it copies the password directly to the computer's clipboard for pasting into the password field on your computer screen.
  • InfoWallet supports the most popular and robust world class strong-encryption schemes for absolutely bullet-proof information security. InfoWallet supports: AES encryption at 128, 192, and 256 bits, Blowfish at 128, and 448 bits, TripleDES 192 bit
  • InfoWallet tracks visits to each doctor and all resulting prescription and non-prescription drug details.
  • InfoWallet maintains history of each medication taken and doctor visits on a graphical timeline. This timeline concept is unique to InfoWallet.
  • InfoWallet accepts multiple wallet files, so that the users can carry their own wallet files, and the wallet files of other family members.
  • InfoWallet complies with all HIPPA patient privacy requirements.

InfoWallet retails for $34 with licenses varying depending on group size. The application requires Mac OS X to install and run.