Initial Mac App Store Game Sales More Tepid Than App Store

Game developers who use the Unity engine have been chatting about sales results on the Mac App Store since its launch nearly three weeks ago, showing tepid results compared to the torrid sales that accompanied the iOS App Store launch, which quickly catapulted some indie game makers into the stratosphere.

One Unity developer quipped: “Well, according to Apple, there were 1 million downloads. Now how many of those were for free apps, and how many were for Angry Birds?” Angry Birds was a smash-hit on the iOS App Store and has dominated the Top Paid Apps chart on the Mac App Store.

Peter Cohen at The Loop noted that developers’ expectations were much milder when the Mac App Store launched. He added: “Modest uptake to Mac OS X 10.6.6, a prerequisite for Mac App Store access, is cited as one possible reason.”