Gaming Site Out of Beta, Provides Tech to Developers

InstantAction on Tuesday announced that its Web site, which features such games as the first-person shooter Fallen Empire: Legions and the third-person action title ThinkTanks, is officially out of Beta. In addition, the company has made available its InstantAction Technology to game developers and publishers, allowing them to release their titles as part of the InstantAction network.

InstantAction Technology not only allows any game to run in a browser but also includes a suite of tools and services for social networking, including stats tracking, chat, matchmaking, achievements, and profiles. Through the InstantAction Technology Cloud, players can access their accounts, games, game progress, settings, and characters from any computer.


Brett Seyler, vice-president of InstantAction Technology, said in a press release: "Our early conversations with developers and publishers have generated a lot of excitement for this amazing technology, as the industry realizes that the web will transform games as much as it has with all other media, from photos to music to video."

For information about licensing costs, developers and publishers should contact the company via the InstantAction Technology web site. games playable on the Mac are: Fallen Empire: Elgions, ThinkTanks, the action platformer Marble Blast Online, the arena sport game Rokkitball, and the retro arcade action title ZAP!. The others, unfortunately, are Windows-only. Even though the site is out of Beta, the games are still free to play, although the company's blog notes: "We have more content and services lined up for the future and will revisit pricing as these are released."

System requirements vary by title, although the base minimum calls for Mac OS X version 10.4.11 or 10.5.4, an Intel processor, 512MB of RAM, and Safari 3.1.2 or Firefox 3.0.1.