Intel Releases 160GB Solid-State Notebook Hard Drive

Intel announced the release of its new X25M 2.5" and X18-M 1.8" hard drives on Monday, the new additions to its SATA solid-state drives featuring a 160GB drive in a 2.5" notebook factor.

The X25-M product is shipping now, and the 1.8-inch 160GB version will be available next month.

Intel had announced the 80GB versions of the X25-M and the X18-M at its Developers Forum in August and shortly after announced that the X25-E drive would be available for both enterprise servers and workstations. The company's X25-E Extreme SATA drive is modeled on Intel's single-level cell NAND flash memory and is designed to maximize the input and output operations per second, while the X25M is a multi-level cell memory, affording it greater capacity.

Intel has yet to offer pricing information on the new 160GB X25-M and X18-M drives.