Intel Releases Q9000 Mobile Quad-Core Processor

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Intel launched its new 2.53GHz Q9000 quad-core processor on Tuesday, a significantly cheaper variant of its current QX9300 and Q9100 quad-core units. The processor offers 6MB of cache memory as opposed to the 12MB of cache memory found in its units. The Q9000 processor, as noted by CNET, retails for $350.

The company also released other mobile processors in the form of the 2.93GHz T9800 ($530), the 2.66GHz P9600 Core 2 Duo ($348), the 2.66GHz T9550 ($316), and the 2.53GHz P8700 ($241). Intel's T series processors typically consume 35 watts of power, while P series chips have generally consume about 25 watts of power.


No word has been given as to whether Apple may or may note use the processors in an upcoming notebook.

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Quad-Core iMac!

Hmmm….  I wonder if I could drop one of these puppies into my ‘08 iMac?

Any word on the TDP for these quad-core chips?


Intel shows the Q9000 as being a 2 GHz part, not 2.53 GHz as stated here.

Intel’s site also shows a Q9100 at 2.26 GHz.

The code name is listed as “Products formerly Penryn.”

TDP is listed as 45W, which should be low enough for an iMac.

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