Intel Snatches McAfee for $7.68 Billion

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Chip maker Intel is shelling out US$7.68 billion to purchase software security company McAfee with plans to build its own hardware and software-based security products. McAfee makes antivirus and security software for the Mac, but is better known for its Windows-based products. What Intel looks to be more interested in, however, is the potential to create antivirus and security products for the mobile device market.

“Today’s security approach does not fully address the billions of new Internet-ready devices connecting, including mobile and wireless devices, TVs, cars, medical devices and ATM machines as well as the accompanying surge in cyber threats,” Intel said in a statement. “Providing protection to a diverse online world requires a fundamentally new approach involving software, hardware and services.”

By bringing McAfee under its wing, Intel plans to design its own chip-level security products. “Hardware-enhanced security will lead to breakthroughs in effectively countering the increasingly sophisticated threats of today and tomorrow,” said Intel’s Software and Services Group manager, Renée James.

Since Intel and McAfee haven’t started working together yet, there isn’t any word on specific types of products the chip maker has in store. The company could, for example, plan on pushing its security chips on laptop makers like Apple, HP and Dell.
The deal could also change the Windows antivirus software market where McAfee fought for marketshare against companies like Symantec.

The deal still has to complete the usual regulatory approval process, along with a shareholder vote, but the McAfee board has already offered its approval.

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What a wonderful news! We don’t have to put up with Symantec any more!
As I have reported to Symantec Ethics about David Freer?s (VP, Symantec ? Norton, APJ) misconducts (fraud, having dissented sex with me as he lied, using company resources for personal benefits ? hundreds hours phone calls, hanging out with me during office hours, negative impacts on Symantec corporate image), what they do surprise me too. They basically ignore ? never process the investigation, covering the serial lying & cheating criminal up, then threaten me. As Warren Buffet said when he decides which company is worth to invest, he values the CEO?s ethic and integrity the most. Being a senior management, David Freer shall walk the talks, instead he has set up a terrible example. How dare Symantec always campaign the company itself as defeat cyber criminals, but in the real world, Symantec acts just like robbers, mafia, & criminals. How ironic!


First: WHAT?! 7.8 billion dollars?! Holy crap! I didn’t think (and still don’t) that the McAfee brand is worth anywhere near that much, but what do I know?

McAfee software - especially the stuff other than the antivirus - can be almost as bad as what it proclaims to protect against. I’m so glad that I don’t need crap on my Mac.

For example, while working for Linksys (years ago) there were numerous times that I had to have customers (with Windows PCs) completely uninstall McAfee’s firewall app to get their computer to make a successful connection to the Internet. A couple of times the customer ended up needing to do a system restore to a point before the offending software was installed, before things worked right.

Second: strelaoz, I apologize if you are someone who uses English as a second language, but I couldn’t understand half of what you wrote. It doesn’t even make sense.


Apparently this rant by strelaoz has been going on for a while…


Apparently this rant by strelaoz has been going on for a while?

Yes, David Freer make big money sexy dissent. Warren Buffet walks the talk.

Worthy of a haiku.


I guess if Intel is planning for x86 chips to power phones with Win7 or WinPhone7 then they’ll need McAfee.

OTOH, the battery for a 10-hour workday will make them the size of the original “brick” cell phones in the 80’s

My own experience with McAfee products has been very small but Windows-using relatives I’ve spoken with absolutely hate their AV products. Maybe Intel has a different opinion that justifies $7.8B


I am deleting and blocking strelaoz.

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