Intuit Updates Quicken Mac 2007 for Lion [Update]

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As promised, Intuit today released a $15 update for Quicken Mac 2007 that makes it compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion. The update is intended for existing Quicken for Mac customers who want to use the product on Lion machines. Without this update it won’t work on the latest Mac OS version, which was released in July of last year.

Quicken 2007 for Lion

Quicken for Mac 2007 was originally written for PowerPC machines and had been running on Intel-based Macs using Rosetta technology. Lion dropped support for Rosetta, so Quicken for Mac customers couldn’t upgrade if they wanted to continue to use the software. Today’s patch now allows  for the software to run under Lion, without Rosetta support. Existing Quicken for Mac 2007 data files will automatically convert to the new Lion-compatible format.

Mac customers who are new to Quicken software are directed to purchase Quicken Essentials for Mac instead of the older Quicken for Mac 2007. Quicken Essentials was a complete rewrite of the program which is fully compatible with Intel-based Macs.

Quicken has been soundly criticized for treating Mac customers as second-class citizens and being out of touch with the Mac environment. Today’s release may not have helped that perception as the product page touts “Backs up easily to MobileMe” - a service that will be shut down in a matter of months. There’s also a download button titled “Quicken Mac Lion 2007 DOWNLOAD for Windows”…well, you can see why Mac users might be slighted.

Quicken Mac Lion Download for Windows

Quicken Mac Lion 2007 DOWNLOAD for…Windows?

[Update: Intuit has corrected the verbiage on the download screen, removing the Windows label. The company sent TMO the corrected screenshot below - Editor.]

Quicken Mac 2007 for Lion Download Screen

Corrected Quicken Mac 2007 for Lion Download Screen

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So what’s a Quicken 2006 user supposed to do? I can’t go with Esentials since, despite what this article implies, Esentials is NOT Quicken rewritten for Intel machines. It doesn’t handle investments. This is sounding like a bandaid.

Michael Pearce

Screw Intuit. Do what I did: Export your Quicken data and switch to iBank. Works great for me, and even has an app for iPhone that syncs with the Mac.

I don’t know how it handles investments, though.


This is sounding like a bandaid.

It’s worse; at least for some (like me).  I can start it up only by holding down the Option key and then it consistently crashes after creating a new file.  Unless I see something in the next day or so that addresses this I’ll be lodging a request for a refund.


I don?t know how it handles investments, though.

The one complaint I’ve heard about iBank is that it doesn’t handle separate purchases of the same equity (i.e., lots).


So what?s a Quicken 2006 user supposed to do?

The patch works for Quicken 2005-2007 products.  You’re covered


Too little, too late.  I’m happy with iBank!


I used Quicken for years and even though they didn’t provide parity between Windoze and Mac versions, I was happy with it. Easy entry, easy to find information in it. But then they just gave up on supporting the Mac. There was years of “we’re working on something better, that is just around the corner.” But it wasn’t and when they released Essentials it was too little, too late. It was like people who need to track their finances all use Windoze, so Mac users don’t need anything serious, except we know that people who use Macs have, on the whole, higher incomes.

I took years looking for an alternative. If at any point in the meantime Quicken had released a real product, I’d still be using Quicken. But they didn’t and I don’t. iBank is not perfect, but it works for me, and it is developed and supported. And it doesn’t crash all the time.

At the very least, Quicken should have released their “fix” for free to all old and abused users. Because it’s not a solution, it’s a bandaid to make an old product keep working, because by admission, they can’t (or won’t) produce an updated product.


I tend to agree that intuit is way behind the times and treating mac users poorly.  I would imagine that it was more complex than recompile and test.  I gave up on Quicken years ago and bought iBank when it was a fresh, new program.  I’ve been happy with it but not as comfortable as with Quicken.  In my opinion, the best way to voice one’s opinion is to quit using it and switch to another product.  These days it seems that corporations aren’t loyal to anyone but the board, CIO and stock holders.  These doesn’t generate consumer (or employee) loyalty and feeds the cycle of charging for everything they do—no free updates.
I was quite frustrated 10 years ago when I bought my first mac and thought I could just copy my qdata file to the mac and keep going.  Should’ve switched then but Quicken was good back then.


Turbo Tax is also crapware. Worst purchasing experience + worst installation experience + worst customer service = Intuit. They could only still be in business in a world where American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are popular sources of entertainment because any other world would be populated by people too smart to continue to give them any money.


I left Quicken for MoneyDance and have not looked back.  Its is not a fancy looking but runs on all operating systems and is very fast.  It will import all the data from quicken as well.  Just re-index your quicken file and export.  This product is updated every year with new features and is affordable.


Paid my $ and downloaded the update. Does not work under 10.7.3 on a new iMac. Quciken crashes on trying to open existing 2007 file from Snow Leopard.


I have used Quicken since it first came out. It has been adequate and served my needs. Then I got the email last summer from Intuit saying they weren’t going to support Quicken on Lion and I should switch to Essentials. I tried Essentials for a week and gave it the old heave-ho because the interface SUCKS! I researched alternatives and settled on iBank from user comments and the fact that it was the only one on the App Store at the time. It took a bit of retraining to get used to the new way of doing things but I am now happy with iBank. I am also a Turbo Tax user from way back when it was Macintax and the only choice. Intuit has so incensed me that I am actively searching for an alternative. Any suggestions from the crowd?


Finally, Intuit actually delivered on a promise.  Here’s to hoping that Intuit will finally bring Quicken for Mac to parity with the Windows versions.

As far as changing to another financial program, in my case it wasn’t practical.  None of the programs I looked at could deal with 10 investment portfolios and 2 trusts accurately.  Quicken does it effortlessly.  And with the new financial trading rules in place losing 15+ years of historical data isn’t an option either, something I needed to do to make some of the other programs work properly.  Now if Intuit can eliminate the quote limit we’ll be making some real progress.


Not available in Canada and no plans to do so

What a f-up!!!


Your graphic is perfect. All the Magic of 2007 for only $14.99
What a joke.
Dropped Quicken and went to MoneyDance a couple years ago and haven’t looked back.


@Brian - Use the link in the article ( During the checkout process, you will eventually get the generic warning about Canada, but if you read the full text, you’ll note it doesn’t apply to the Mac version, which is compatible with both U.S. and Canadian financial institutions (just designate the country in the preferences).

I downloaded this yesterday and it works fine so far. It kept all my preferences and data intact.


My only hope is that anybody who gives these guys $15 loses all their financial data. That would be just about fair.


forked over the $15 but it crashes every time it tries to open my file. Piece of junk. Shame on Intuit.


Darin, Thanks for posting the purchase link. I could not find the OS Lion version anywhere on Quickens site. Paid the $14.95[ i have quicken files back to 1992] and all seems to work well. Installed on 2 devices a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro tower. Cross my fingers.


Paid my $ and downloaded the update. Does not work under 10.7.3 on a new iMac. Quciken crashes on trying to open existing 2007 file from Snow Leopard.

I have had the exact same experience.

Marc Schmitt

Can somebody suggest simple and cheap alternative, so I could escape from Quicken. Stick with it for several years, but Intuit policy about mac users really concerned me.


We switched to MoneyDance a couple of years ago. It imported around a decade of Quicken data with no problem. We really like it. But then we only do banking, not stocks, portfolios, etc. $49 isn’t a bad price.


I had a really good experience switching to H&R Block for taxes this year. Everything about the experience was an improvement over Turbo Tax.

Mat Kellum

For what concrete tasks, Marc ?

There a lot of “General” finance tools, like iBank, Money, MoneyWall. If you just stick with finance calculations (quotes, fast recalculations), there is Numeric Notes or Numi for that.

It all depends on your tasks.


I bought iBank 4 for Mac and found it wanting in a dozen different ways.  It does have a beautiful register format and you can color each type of entries which is helpful.  However, I couldn’t get it to import all of my net worth register so I was hand entering days worth of entries when I found out about this version of Quicken.  I’m gong to hope this works as I’m ever so tired of trying to make iBank work.  Even when it works it is slow to enter with needless keystrokes.  Reconciling takes much longer….but it sure looks nice!

Barbara Burnaugh

I am in the process
I am in the process of upgrading to Lion but have not made the decision to continue to use Quicken.  I am disappointed with all the changes I have to do to change the font size.  It has also missed duplicate check numbers.  Any suggestions?

Jan Gret

Yes, I have a HUGE suggestion.  Avoid Quicken at all costs.  They are obstinately opposed to any kind of customer support.  They will lead you down a primrose path to a phone number they will not give you.  No matter what you do, they won’t help you and seem to have a contempt for Mac users. You can’t ask questions about their products. Even their chat sessions are only available in the middle of the night.  And they will tell you to change your browser from something other than Safari.  You will NEVER get any support from them. My advice is to avoid Quicken like the plague.

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