iOS 6: MobileMe Galleries, Revisited (Sort Of)

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So you want to share a public Web gallery of your images with other people, hmm? Lucky you—there's a simple way to do it again in iOS 6. It's like we're dancing on MobileMe's grave a little bit. Anyway, to use this feature, you'll need to have an iCloud account, so if you don't have one, get right on that.

Got one all configured? Good. Now here's how to set up a public gallery on your iOS device. First, go to Settings > Photos & Camera and toggle Shared Photo Streams on.

Then jump over to the Photos app and tap on the Photo Stream tab at the bottom. In there, you'll see your own Stream along with any you're sharing.

Tap the plus button in the upper-left to start a new one, and fill out the box that pops up. You don't have to put anyone in the To: field unless you want him or her to get notifications when you make a change to your Stream.

Toggle Public Website on, tap Create, and you're done! Afterward, touch on the blue arrow next to a Stream to change its name, add subscribers, or share the link to your pretty little gallery.

To add images, click on a photo and touch the sharing arrow to select the correct Stream.

You can also add multiple images, of course—press Edit in the upper-right corner of an album, select a bunch, and click Share > Photo Stream.

If you have Photo Stream turned on in iPhoto (and you're using the most recent version of the program), you can play your silly reindeer games from your Mac, too. Choose some images and select Share > Photo Stream (or click the Share button at the bottom-right of iPhoto's window). From there, it's easy to send those pictures to any Streams you own, including the public ones.

To change the settings for any of your galleries, select Photo Stream under the Web section in iPhoto's sidebar… 

…and press the Info button at the bottom of the window to see who's sharing that Stream, find its public link, and turn sharing off completely if you need to.

So if you accidentally share photos of your drunken debauchery to your Nana, it's easily undone. What happens in Photo Stream…ah, I can't even finish that.

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This is still not very convenient. I ended up going with SmugMug, basically taking part of the 99 dollars per year I spent on MobileMe and giving it to someone else.

Apple didn’t want my money anymore.


This doesn’t seem to be working.  I set up a shared photo stream, but the web page keeps saying no photos shared.  How long after you set up the shared stream should photos show up on the icloud web page?

Melissa Holt

Hey Steve,

Don’t forget that you have to add photos to it to get them to show up—it doesn’t share your previously existing Streams. Check out what I wrote about halfway down the page about how to put images into a Stream.

If that’s not the issue, please disregard. :D



I did, and about 40 minutes after I set it up, I got 2 of the 14 I selected to appear.  Now I’ve got 6.  It seems like it’s re-uploading files from my phone using the crappy 3G connection I have right now instead of just marking the photos that are already up on Photo Stream to be part of the shared stream.  I realized that when you add photos to the shared stream, you can’t select from the regular Photo Stream album.  This seems silly. 

On top of this, you can’t download full resolution photos from the “gallery”, a big difference from the old MM galleries.

Melissa Holt

Hey Steve,

Ah, I see. I do find that the Streams are taking a while to publish, as well.

It looks like you can select from your existing Photo Stream to add photos, though—or at least, I’m able to. Just tested adding a few images from there to a shared Stream, and it worked fine.



Ah, you did the sharing from Photo Stream itself instead of going into the newly created shared stream and adding photos like I did (which, like I said, strangely displays all albums except Photo Stream).

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