iOS 7: Forward Multiple Text Messages at Once

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Sometimes you’ve gotta forward text messages. You can, of course, copy them one by one and paste them into a new conversation, but where’s the efficiency in that? 

So to forward multiple messages, first you’ll open the Messages app and go to the conversation you’d like to pass along. Press and hold on any of the individual messages and touch “More” when the options pop up:

Then you’ll be able to go through and pick the messages you want to send.

When you’re finished selecting items, touch the arrow at the bottom right… 

…and shazam! The messages you selected will all be ready for you to send to someone else. 

You could also copy the text from here if you want to email it, for example, instead of sending it in a message. It's a multifunctional feature!

Now, I’m gonna insert the typical disclaimers here—don’t violate someone’s privacy, be a nice person with this, blah blah blah. I mean, if your dad tells you he hates your Aunt Ida’s lasagna and you forward that message on to her, that’d be a mean thing to do. Somewhat funny, but mean. So don't do it, OK?

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Could this be the start of a whole string of knock-knock jokes…?


Great tip, Melissa.

I did not know about this feature. I have to admit, though, that I seldom, if ever, have to forward messages (occasionally). What I find more onerous is trying to forward multiple email messages, that might or might not be in the same discussion thread, to colleagues to bring them up to speed on, say, a new proposal, in either iOS or OSX. I get the job done, but it’s not pretty.

Have you done any tips on that?

Many thanks.

Melissa Holt

Hey wab95! Come to think of it, I’ve done just that:

Hope that helps you, and thanks!

Davidneale: You first. wink


Excellent! Just what I was looking for.

As Scotty might say, ‘You’re a miracle worker, lassie!’

Melissa Holt

Aw, shucks! I’m just happy to help. grin

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