iOS 7: Getting Slow Motion Video off of your iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s has a cool feature in the Camera app that lets you capture slow motion video, and it works really well. What doesn't work so well -- or at least isn't very obvious -- is how to get that slo-mo video off of your iPhone. Read on to learn how.

Capturing and playing back slow motion video on your iPhone 5s works as you would expect, but once that video is transfered to your Mac it plays at normal speed. To get back your slo-mo effect, just import the video into iMovie, choose Clip > Slow Motion, and set the speed to 25 percent.

Since the imported video retains the 120 frames per second captured on your iPhone, slowing it down to 25 percent gives you back the same effect you saw before the footage ended up on your Mac.

TruSloMo converts iPhone 5s slow motion videos so you don't loose the effectTruSloMo converts iPhone 5s slow motion videos so you don't loose the effect

Alternately, you can use the free TruSloMo app for the iPhone. It converts your videos into actual slow motion movies right on your iPhone. That means you can easily share your slo-mo moments through online services like Instagram and Twitter without jumping through annoying hoops.

Now go capture your slo-mo moments and get to sharing.