iOS 7: How to See the Full URL in Safari

In iOS 7, Safari's integrated URL and search field at the top shows only the primary part of the domain for a website. This tip shows you how to see the full URL.



For example, here's a TMO article in iOS 7 and Safari. Note how the URL field says simply ""

To see the full URL, just tap it briefly, and it will expand. (Press Cancel on the top right to go back.)

Portrait mode

As above, there may not be enough space in the URL field to show a long URL. There are still some things you can do.

1. Turn the iPhone or iPad to landscape mode. That may provide enough space to see the full URL.

Landscape mode

2. Tap and hold the URL field, Select All, then Copy. Paste it somewhere else to inspect. For example, here's a long URL that I copied and pasted into the Notes app.

My guess is that Apple feels that it's more important, in general, to know where you are on the Internet and focus on that. It could also help with security to focus on the primary domain. In a mobility environment, if you really, really need to see the full URL, these tips will get you unconfuzzled (unconfused and unpuzzled).


Teaser image via Shutterstock.