iOS 7: How to See the Full URL in Safari

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In iOS 7, Safari's integrated URL and search field at the top shows only the primary part of the domain for a website. This tip shows you how to see the full URL.



For example, here's a TMO article in iOS 7 and Safari. Note how the URL field says simply ""

To see the full URL, just tap it briefly, and it will expand. (Press Cancel on the top right to go back.)

Portrait mode

As above, there may not be enough space in the URL field to show a long URL. There are still some things you can do.

1. Turn the iPhone or iPad to landscape mode. That may provide enough space to see the full URL.

Landscape mode

2. Tap and hold the URL field, Select All, then Copy. Paste it somewhere else to inspect. For example, here's a long URL that I copied and pasted into the Notes app.

My guess is that Apple feels that it's more important, in general, to know where you are on the Internet and focus on that. It could also help with security to focus on the primary domain. In a mobility environment, if you really, really need to see the full URL, these tips will get you unconfuzzled (unconfused and unpuzzled).


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I really hate this “feature”. To me it’s a dumbing down of the internet experience that I strongly dislike. I want to know where I am, navigation wise, at all times. I dont want the company I rely on for my experience to black me from this.
It’s not only inconvenient to tap to get the URL, it also makes the page you are viewing disappear and turn into the favorites/navigation page.

I really hope apple changes this.

John Martellaro

In my opinion, for the sake of security and clarity in this age of obscenely long URLs that include long, unintelligible tracking codes, it’s probably more important to focus on the primary domain.

That said, why couldn’t iOS 7, when tapping the URL, bring up a yellow box with the full URL for inspection—as with email in OS X. There would still have to be a mechanism for copy/paste. Even so ....  anyone think that’s a good idea?


I see your point about security and full urls. I guess its possible to take a photo of what someone is doing and exploit that (although a long string of codes would never fit in the regular window so I dont really know how dangerous that would be).

Just couple examples of why I dont like it.

If I’m on a site like Macobserver It looks like I’m on the home page but I could be on page 2 or some other page and not see the newest list of articles. I can refresh the page and still have no idea I’m not on the home page.

If I am going backwards page by page I can no longer see if I’m in the place I want to be waiting for a page to load.

Often times I will edit a url to jump back a folder or 2. I cant do that if I cant see the url.

Paying attention to URLs is a large part of the way I control my experience on the internet. I just resent the choice being taken away in something like this, especially as browsing on an ios device becomes a larger percentage of what I do.
It seems to me like a choice of pretty and dumb over smart and maybe a little messy.

Please, Apple, make it an option I can turn off.


It drives me crazy.
But, I am a nerd.
My younger brother, on the other hand, just types the company/site name into what space he sees. He does even know what a URL is.

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