iOS 7: Apple Mail’s ‘Swipe to Delete’ Only Goes To The Left

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iOS 6 users who have upgraded (or will upgrade) to iOS 7 may lament the loss of their "swipe to delete" functionality. In iOS 6, swiping to the right brought up a 'Delete' button, whereas now in iOS 7 that to-the-right swipe causes a different type of navigation.

Never fear: Apple hasn't left you in the dark, you just need to learn the other way of doing this. Try swiping to the left in mail and you'll get instant payoff ... plus a bonus! In addition to getting the instant delete function, there's also a "More" button that allows you several options including: Reply, Forward, Flag, Mark as Read/Unread, Move to Junk, and Move to any folder.

Swipe to the left (just like Beyoncé) in iOS 7's Mail to Delete ... and More!

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I guess I must have always swiped to the left anyway, because I never thought the feature was “gone.” My wife did however, until I showed her.


I didn’t notice a change, either. It must have been swipe-either-way before, because I’ve always swiped to the left.

Dave Hamilton

Indeed, yep, iOS 6 let you do it either way, iOS 7 changed that and requires it to happen to the left only now.

Scott B in DC

This is one of those things that annoys me about the new interface. But there are so many niceties that I can overlook this. For example, background app switching sets you to the last app you were using by default. It makes switching quicker. I like this!


From an efficiency standpoint, this is a disaster.  When you swipe from left to right, your thumb or finger is right over the “delete” button.  When you have to swipe from right to left, your thumb is in the wrong place and you have travel back over to the right to hit the “delete” button.  If you are going through and deleting several emails, this gets annoying.  The most frustrating part is that swiping left to right in the email list does nothing… so they removed this feature and replaced it with NOTHING.  Well, that’s Apple for you…. they know better than you what you really need.

Adam Porter

iOS 7 is a big pile of w*nk, it looks like it was designed by a 10yr old, it’s cold bleak and too simplistic. I loved the detail of the icons, the different textures of the backgrounds like the game centre. it was an old look, but it was the quality that brought me from android to apple. Now it’s just like another cheap android clone. the only improvement is the swipe up menu for quick options.

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