iOS 7: Organize Your Music App

A lot of people aren’t aware that in iOS 7’s Music app, you can replace or rearrange the navigation icons that appear at the bottom of the screen:

So for example, if you don’t use iTunes Radio but often want to sort by Composer, you can add that option into your toolbar instead. Nifty! To do that, open the Music app (you knew I was gonna say that, didn’t you?) and click on the “More” icon on the lower-right.

In my screenshot above, note that there’s an “Edit” button under that “More” tab; if you tap that, wondrous and magical choices will appear.

On that screen, you’ll touch and drag to replace any of your existing tabs, or you can move things around if you just don’t like the arrangement of your toolbar. 

Hey, look! They’re moving around, sort of! You guys should be impressed that I was able to get an action shot of that. At least a little? C’mon.