iOS 7: Quickly Dismiss Notification Banners

Notification banners have been a welcome part of our lives in iOS for a while now, although you may have noticed them change in iOS 7. Now that they’re bigger, they’re certainly easier to read. However, many times they just get in the way of what you’re trying to do.

But of course, there’s a neat trick to quickly dismiss them. To dismiss a notification banner when it slides down, simply tap and hold on the little gray bar at the bottom center of the notification and flick it upward to see it go away. No more waiting for them to go away on their own!

Notification Center BannerNotification Center Banner

As a bonus tip for those who don’t know, notifications that show up on your lock screen have the same special powers as they did back in iOS 6. If you want to jump to the app that sent the notification, swipe on the actual notification to unlock your device instead of doing it across the “slide to unlock” text.

Just be aware that if you do this to a “missed call” notification that you’ll be calling the person back when you do this. Handy, right?