iOS 7: Set Turn-By-Turn Voice Volume in the Maps App

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One of my favorite uses for my iPhone is turn-by-turn navigation. When Apple added the feature to Maps in iOS 6, I loved the extra integration it provided over all other GPS apps. However, one thing I really hated about it was the fact that I couldn't change the voice volume from within the app. Instead, I had to leave the app, go into Settings, and navigate through the menus to change the volume.

This usually happened while I was driving, and looking at tiny text while at the wheel is so not safe. But thanks to a bug report/feature request that I and likely many other people submitted to Apple (yes, it works), the feature is now way more accessible. Read on to see how it's done in iOS 7.


Setting Turn-by-Turn Volume in Maps

To access Maps' navigation volume, first select a destination and start navigation. Once in turn-by-turn nav mode, you'll need to tap the screen to bring up the tool bar on the lower portion of the screen if it's not already there. Then, simply tap the speaker button in the lower right to bring up a list of various volume options, including a "No Voice" option.

While it's still fairly hard to read while driving, it's much quicker to access than it was in iOS 6. And as they say, less taps equals more better, right?

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That was good info but now a question arises. How do you clear old map routes from popping up in Maps ios7 (Maps-Directions). In ios6 there was a clear button on the iPad (not the iPhone). Now the clear button is missing from the iPad as well.


Answered my own question. While in maps and you want to clear recents tap the bookmark icon in the upper right hand corner, then recents and then clear.


Michael, do you still need a cell phone plan with data to use turn by turn?

Michael Johnston

ibuck: With Apple Maps I’m gonna say yes. While you can potentially cache the route while on WiFI, it’s not something you’d want to rely on. If you want turn-by-turn navigation on a non-connected device I’d recommend the TomTom app or Navigon.


Since we can ask Siri to give us directions to a specific location, can’t we just ask Siri to “increase the volume?”

Dan Kuhl

hi there I’m getting really frustrated with the maps voice as I just can’t get it to work. Works on google maps fine but not on maps on my iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1. I can’t the see the little speaker bottom right of the screen, is there a setting I’m missing?

Bob Janoske

@Dan - By some chance, are you trying to hear the turn-by-turn voice while your iPhone is connected to the vehicle’s bluetooth system?  There seems to be an issue with the iPhones in which the voice stops working if connected through bluetooth on many automobiles (eg.- Ford’s Sync, Accura’s Siri Hands Free).
If that is what you are trying to do, test your Apple Maps with the bluetooth function turned off on your iPhone.  Take a short trip with a nearby store as the destination, using Apple Maps as a guide. Let us know if you are getting voice directions in that manner.

Dan Kuhl

hey bob and thanks for that…...i compared my settings,general,maps to my sons iPhone and i do not have the volume options available. they’re not greyed out just not showing at all, I don’t get it. maybe it’s some kind of compatibility thing.


I just installed OS X Maverick on my Mac. Using Maps, after entering destination and getting directions, you are suppose to be able to click on an icon and get voice navigation on your iPhone. I cannot find the icon to click on?

After you have your map and direction, what are the steps you need to take to get voice navigation on your iPhone?


Peter Moran

I have an Apple iPhone 4S…...I have had a problem with no sound from the phone when using Google Maps app either through the speakers OR via the Apple earphones. The audio volume is turned up on both the phone and earphones. The ‘mute’ option on the left within the app does not seem to work and cannot remove the bar across by touching the icon. I have just gone via ‘Setting’ into the red ‘Sounds’ option 2 icons beneath the grey ‘General’ option and under the horizontal ’ Ringer and Alerts’ bar I moved the slider fully to maximum on the right….voila!!! I now have sound from either speakers OR via the excellent Apple earphones…...the Mute option within this app seems defective….

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