iOS 7: Set Turn-By-Turn Voice Volume in the Maps App

One of my favorite uses for my iPhone is turn-by-turn navigation. When Apple added the feature to Maps in iOS 6, I loved the extra integration it provided over all other GPS apps. However, one thing I really hated about it was the fact that I couldn't change the voice volume from within the app. Instead, I had to leave the app, go into Settings, and navigate through the menus to change the volume.

This usually happened while I was driving, and looking at tiny text while at the wheel is so not safe. But thanks to a bug report/feature request that I and likely many other people submitted to Apple (yes, it works), the feature is now way more accessible. Read on to see how it's done in iOS 7.


Setting Turn-by-Turn Volume in Maps

To access Maps' navigation volume, first select a destination and start navigation. Once in turn-by-turn nav mode, you'll need to tap the screen to bring up the tool bar on the lower portion of the screen if it's not already there. Then, simply tap the speaker button in the lower right to bring up a list of various volume options, including a "No Voice" option.

While it's still fairly hard to read while driving, it's much quicker to access than it was in iOS 6. And as they say, less taps equals more better, right?