iOS 7: The “Summarize Photos” Feature

With iOS 7, the Photos app got a major overhaul. Under the “Photos” tab within that app, our images are now organized into Years: 

Those Years are further organized into Collections, which in turn are sorted into what are called Moments. Clear as mud, right? Well, despite how I feel about Apple’s new system for viewing images, there is one feature I really like that’ll let you see more of an overview of your Years and Collections views. Check this out by going to Settings> Photos & Camera, and then you’ll look for a toggle labeled “Summarize Photos.”

Here’s an example of what it does. With “Summarize Photos” off, looking at my Collections on my iPhone shows approximately 54,000 kitten pictures.

But when I turn that setting on, iOS 7 attempts to find what Apple calls a “representative subset” of my images, which reduces my number of cat photos dramatically.

Of course, if you don’t like this feature and want to see all of your photos no matter where you are, feel free to turn off that setting. I think it’s pretty great, though, as it cleans up my Collections view considerably while still allowing me to look through the time periods when I’ve taken pictures. And if you have “Summarize Photos” turned on but you’d like to see all of your pictures instead of that “representative subset,” just tap in Collections to go to Moments view, and that’ll reveal all of your photos.

Awww, who’s a cute widdle kitten?