iOS 7: Using Safari's "Shared Links" Capability

Within iOS 7's version of Safari, we've got a fun new feature called Shared Links. You'll access it by touching the book icon on the toolbar…

…and then selecting the tab labeled with the "@" symbol.

This tab shows you a list of the links that've been shared with you through any Twitter accounts that you've configured within Settings> Twitter.

In Safari, if you click on any of those Shared Links, you'll go right to the page in question (and there'll also be a little bar at the top of the window to remind you where the link came from).

If you've configured multiple accounts in your Settings, you'll see the links shared with all of them. This is why you can see a duplicated tweet in my second screenshot above; I'm following Slashdot from both of my accounts, so it shows up twice.

I find this handy for a couple of reasons. First, if my Twitter apps are having trouble opening particular links within their embedded browsers, I can use this feature to solve that problem rather than copying and pasting or forcing each link to open in Safari. Secondly, I use this when folks have posted a lot of links, and I just want to blaze through my timeline and check the links out afterward. It's certainly a quick way to collect and view 'em all in one place!