iOS 7: Using Siri with Voicemail

Did you know that you can get Siri to play and search your voicemails under iOS 7? Yep! It's incredibly useful (not to mention much faster than unlocking your device and opening the phone app). There are several different commands you can use, so first, let's cover the simple stuff. To check your new messages, invoke Siri by holding down the Home button until you hear the beeps, and then say something like this:

Hooray, Siri even tells you the time the message was received! And there are all sorts of other choices, too. You can say “play the last voicemail from [person]”… 

…or even “do I have any voicemails from [person]?” to see a list:

If you prefer, the same thing works with phone numbers (“do I have any voicemails from 800-867-5309?”). Or you could ask for the voicemail you received on a specific date:

Finally, when you're finished listening to a particular message, Siri will ask you if you'd like to call the person back or play it again. If you don't want to do either, just say "cancel" or press the Home button to dismiss Siri altogether. If you're anything like me, you'll accidentally call people back far less using this method than in the phone app itself. At least a couple of times a week, I randomly dial someone without meaning to, which results in some panicked mashing of the "End" button. Going crazy, or just incredibly clumsy? You decide.