iOS 8: How to Set Up Your New iPad or iPhone - Those Questions!

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Introduction for the Beginner

When you take that new iPhone or iPad out of box, it's very exciting. The device is amazingly thin and beautiful. But then, when you first turn it on, you'll face a multitude of possibly challenging questions. I'll walk you through those questions with a beginner perspective and a very conservative approach.


Of course, if you're an experienced Apple customer or you've already configured an iPhone or iPad, you've done this before. This tutorial is aimed at those who are new to the Apple world. Perhaps all you've ever used is a PC and/or an Android smartphone, and the many questions Apple asks during the set up will be new to you.

Not to worry. Just about all these settings can be changed after your iPad or iPhone is up and running. Even so, you may make a choice and never revisit it again, so it's good to know what these questions imply out of the box.

In the sequence below, I am showing an iPad. Everything is pretty much the same for an iPhone. To make getting started easy, you must be within range of a Wi-Fi network and also have an account with Apple, called an Apple ID. If you don't have an Apple ID, create one now from a Mac or a PC. It's a very easy, safe and secure process. Make sure you preserve the user name and password you create.

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Let's Play 20 Questions! Well, Almost

The iPad on/off switch is on the top right. Press it and hold for just a few seconds and let go. You'll see a white Apple logo on the display, then a welcome greeting in multiple languages. At the botton of the display, swipe (slide) your finger to the right to get started.

1. Language Choice. Pick the language you want to use with your iPad. This is one of the easiest questions you'll get. Don't tap the word. Instead tap the small gray ">" symbol on the right.

2. Select Your Country or Region. The United States is at the top, likely because you bought the iPad in the United States. Otherwise touch the display on the left edge and drag it upwards to see more choices.


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Very nice. This will be quite helpful for a lot of people.

One note though. When you say “Siri is fun and helpful” you must mean Annoying and Useless. I guess autocorrect bit you on this one. My wife and I both have tried it for a number of things. We turn it on after each big upgrade just to see if it’s working. Each time it has misunderstood our question, found the wrong data, or most recently keeps replying “I don’t understand the question” to anything we say. We just leave it off.


I just have to tattle on my mom here:  She got hung up on the very first step because she thought if she swiped while a different language “hello” was showing that she would be stuck with that language.  She thought the “hello” was asking her to pick a language and she never saw English float by again so she couldn’t continue with the process and set up her iPad.

Over the phone I couldn’t understand what she was telling me was the problem, so I set it up for her next time I came over.

(and i laughed and laughed, but not in front of her)

John Martellaro

YodaMac: That’s a great story.  I hope the right Apple engineers read your note. Murphy’s Law strikes again!

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