iOS 8: New Mailbox Options

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I wrote a tip about iOS 7’s unified mailboxes, which let us add “All Drafts,” “All Sent,” and “All Trash” mailboxes in Mail. Under iOS 8, we’ve got a couple of new mailbox options, too, and they’re pretty darned useful. So as before, you’ll access these by going back to the “Mailboxes” screen; just keep tapping whatever back arrow you see at the upper-left until you get there.

Once you’re looking at your “Mailboxes” view, you should have an “Edit” button at the top. Touch that, and you’ll see the two new options you can turn on: “Thread Notifications” and “Today.”

The “Today” mailbox is just what it sounds like—it’ll show all the messages that you’ve received today (as long as they’re still in your inbox). “Thread Notifications” is just as handy, but it’s a bit less simple. What it’ll include are emails from conversations that you’ve asked to be notified about (and TMO’s Kelly Guimont recently wrote about using that feature if you want to learn more about it).

In any case, if you toggle the checkbox next to those options on and then touch “Done,” you’ll see them appear in your main “Mailboxes” view. And one more teensy little tidbit—you see those lines along the right-hand side? When you’re in Edit mode, you can tap and hold those to grab any of your mailboxes and rearrange the order they’ll appear in. So if you want to see “Today” at the very top (even above “All Inboxes”), you just feel free to go right on ahead and set that up. Hey, it’s your party, and you can…well, you get the point.