iOS 8: Using "Send Last Location"

There’s a handy new security feature embedded in iOS 8 called “Send Last Location.” What this’ll do is tell Apple where your device is right before its battery dies (assuming it has a Wi-Fi or cellular connection), so if someone’s taken it or it’s been lost, you can see where it last reported in. This unfortunately isn’t on by default, so to turn it on, visit Settings> iCloud on your iOS device, and then scroll down and touch Find My [Device].

Whaaaaaaat? You didn’t even have that service turned on? Do it! Do it now! That’s important for being able to track your gadget if it’s lost or stolen, so I practically insist for your own good. But after you’ve done that, you should see the “Send Last Location” toggle.

With that on, your device will transmit its location as its battery is dying, possibly helping you recover what’s been stolen—or what’s hiding under your living room couch. If I told you guys how many places I’d lost my iPhone in my own home, you’d…well, you’d probably judge me, let’s put it that way.