iOS 8: View Siri's Identified Songs History

Did you know that when you ask Siri to identify music for you, your iOS device keeps a record of each song it has recognized? Wait, you don’t use Siri to identify songs?! Well, today’s your lucky day. If you wanna do that, just invoke Siri by holding down the Home button until you hear the beeps, and then ask what song is playing.

You can say things like “name that tune,” “tell me what song this is,” and so on. This is a great way to find out the title or artist of a song that you’re hearing on the radio or at a restaurant.

When Siri figures out the song, that info will be displayed on your device.

Best. Song. EVER.

OK, so that’s great, but what if you want to go back and see the songs you’ve previously identified? Sometimes you’ve just gotta buy something three days later when it’s still stuck in your head, right? Well, that data is stored for you, but it’s totally, completely, entirely not obvious where. To get to it, open the iTunes Store app, and then touch the three-lined Wish List icon at the top-right, which’ll appear whenever you’re browsing music, movies, and TV shows (but not on the search page, say).

Once the Wish List view opens, select the “Siri” tab, and you’ll see all of the stuff that Apple’s personal assistant has identified for you. 

As you can see, it’s easy to purchase an item from that list, or you can touch one of the songs to view it within its album instead (and listen to a clip of it if you’d like).

One more thing—these Siri-identified songs appear on your Mac within the iTunes Store, as well, assuming you’re logged into the same account there. To view them, open iTunes, click on the iTunes Store link near the top of the window, and then select “My Wish List” from the column on the right.

Afterward, your Siri stuff will show up on the right for your listening (and previewing) pleasure!

I’m sure that Apple would prefer you to take more pleasure in purchasing these songs than previewing them, but you guys do whatever floats your boat here. You officially have my permission, which I’m gonna pretend is important and necessary.