iOS 9: Content-Aware Reminders with Siri

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I really dig the improvements to Siri under iOS 9. One of the ways Apple’s voice assistant has gotten smarter is that we can now say “remind me about this,” and assuming Siri can parse whatever is on the screen at the time, it’ll create a reminder for you about it. So here’s an example—let’s say you’ve gotten an email that you need to follow up on.

Invoke Siri by pressing the Home button for a moment, and then say something like “remind me about this,” as I mentioned above.

Siri will create a reminder for you on your default list. Hey, pretty cool!

This works in quite a few places around iOS 9, such as Safari (so you can remind yourself to take action about something you see on the Web)…


…and Maps.

If Siri can’t create a reminder with what’s on your screen, it’ll warn you, too.

You can also create time-based reminders (“remind me about this at 10 a.m.”) and location-based ones (“remind me about this when I arrive at home”). Hey, I know I keep saying that certain features are my favorite ones within iOS 9, but this one might actually take the cake, folks.

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The “Content-Aware Reminder” support is pretty sparse right now. I.e. it only works in a tiny number of apps. Even Apple’s own “Photos” app doesn’t support it.

Which means, you’ll usually be disappointed when you try it. Which means, normally, you won’t try it. Apple should at lest support it in all its own apps. Without that, it doesn’t encourage usage.


I use this all of the time as a time-based reminder. At the specified time I get my alarm sound and a read-out.

When you don’t specify a time for the reminder, when does that reminder alert pop up on your screen, if that’s how it does the reminding?  Or do you have to go check your reminders in the app?

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