iOS 9: New Ways to Add Email Attachments

Within iOS 9, we’ve now got an easy way to attach and email files from iCloud Drive or from other apps that support it, like Dropbox—and I think it’s gonna be darned convenient for a lot of people. To check it out, start composing an email first, and then double-tap within the body of the message to bring up an additional menu.

Tap to add attachments directly in new email messagesIf necessary, touch the arrow on the right of that menu to navigate to the “Add Attachment” option.

Look for the Pick that, and you’ll see your iCloud Drive files. 

If it's in iCloud Drive, you can attach it to an email messageSo you can use this, obviously, to attach anything you’ve stored within iCloud Drive; however, if you touch the “Locations” option in the upper-left, you can also enable your other available services, such as Dropbox or Box, by tapping “More.” 

You can add other cloud DropboxWhen you toggle on a particular service, it’ll then show up under that same “Locations” button. This means that you can quickly attach files from some third-party file-storage apps without having to navigate to the app in question to do so. Neato! With as much as I use Dropbox, this’ll be game-changing for me. Not because I actually do much work with it, you understand, but because those funny cat pictures aren’t going to share themselves.