iOS 9: Search Your Photos with Siri

I’ve mentioned before (OK, more than a few times) that I like Siri a lot. I use the virtual assistant multiple times every single day to jot down notes, set reminders, and send quick text messages. And as I pointed out last month, iOS 9’s version of Siri has gotten even smarter with features like content-aware reminders.

Another really cool new thing Siri can do, though, is that it can now search through your images using simple language. So if you’re wanting to show someone pictures from your trip to Colorado, for example, you can! To do that, you’ll say something along the lines of “Show me my pictures from Boulder" (or Colorado, or Mapleton Avenue, or however you want to break it down).

As I’ve done above, you can also add on searching by date. With this, you could ask to see pictures from a certain month or year, or from a specific place AND a certain date. And if you check out Siri’s help page (by saying “help” after invoking Siri by holding down the Home button), you’ll note all of the other photo-related searching you can do.

My use case for this is “I don’t want to hand a friend my phone with my entire photo library open,” because I’m all paranoid like that. Granted, anyone you show your phone to could always go back to your main library and start pawing through it, but at least this’ll start off with a subset of images that you define. Plus, asking Siri to find pictures for you will make you look super-techie and cool, right? At least until your friends see those goofy duckface selfies you’re always taking.