iOS 9.1 Released with New Emoji, Live Photos Fixes

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Apple released iOS 9.1 on Wednesday after offering it as a public beta for several weeks. The official public release includes several new emoji, improvements for Live Photos, and adds Apple News support for UK users.

iOS 9.1 adds a taco emoji. All is well with the world.iOS 9.1 adds a taco emoji. All is well with the world.

The new emoji offerings include a unicorn, new smiley faces, devil horns hand, middle finger, and several other graphics—and the long national tragedy of the missing taco emoji has finally been overcome.

Live Photos now senses when you're lifting your camera so the jerky motion at the beginning of a shot isn't an issue. Messages now has an option to not show photos for contacts, and the update also includes compatibility for the soon to be released iPad Pro and updated Apple TV.

iOS 9.1 is a free update. You can install it by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iOS device, or connect your device to iTunes on your computer.

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Lee Dronick

And a new Yosemite update, I am installing it right now.


New Emoji, Meh.
Live Photos. Well, my iPhone 5C is going strong so maybe in a couple or three years I’ll try them out.
News for the US. I’m not there.

Really hope there’s more to 9.1 that just these…

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