iOS: Block People from Calling or Texting You

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We’ve all gotten our share of solicitation attempts on our iPhones, right? And even if you’re in the U.S. and have added your number to the government’s Do Not Call Registry, you still may keep getting annoyed by companies that just won’t quit. I’m happy to report, though, that there’s a simple way to block any number from contacting you under iOS. To do this in the Phone app, tap the “i” next to the caller’s number under the “Recents” tab or the “Voicemail” one:

Then scroll to the bottom of the following screen and choose “Block this Caller.” 

Similarly, you can block someone in the Messages app by tapping on the “Details” button within the conversation…

…and there’ll be the familiar “i” on the next screen. Touch that, and you can pick “Block this Caller” in the same way as we did above.

In either case, your device will warn you of what you’re about to do.

You can also see everyone you’ve blocked under Settings > Phone, Settings > Messages, or Settings > FaceTime (it’s all the same list). 

If you tap “Blocked” in any of those places, you could remove a caller from your naughty list or add a new offender manually.

Finally, know that while your phone won’t ring when a blocked number calls, the caller can still leave you a message; however, since you won’t get a notification or anything, you won’t know a voicemail has arrived unless you check. The place to do that is within the Phone app under “Voicemail,” at the very bottom of the list.

Be sure to report any business that keeps calling you once 31 days have passed since you’ve added your number to the Do Not Call Registry! It may not do anything, but the sweet justice of a hefty fine would be just swell, wouldn’t it?

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Lee Dronick

That works for a specific phone number, but what about when the telemarketer uses the same caller ID name, but from a different number? is there way to do that, block on a name? If so I haven’t found it. What I have done is use a silent ringer, but assign audible ringtones to family and friends.

Actually what is really needed is for the FCC to more aggressively go after and prosecute violations of the Do Not Call list. Also the phone companies can do more to identify and stop illegal robocalls.

Fun tip: I have some family and friends record “Phone call from…” and then I use that as their ringtone.

Melissa Holt

Thanks for the comments, Lee. Good suggestions!

As far as I know, there’s no way to block multiple numbers from the same company; you’d have to block each one individually. :(



Could you keep adding the extra numbers to the same card? Would that accomplish the goal of blocking all of them associated with the same company?


Yes, FCompton, that’s what I did before I found out about Melissa’s cool tip to Block the Caller.  Using the same method Lee Dronick recommends, I created a “Do Not Answer” contact and assigned a silent ring tone to it.  I then pile on all the undesirable callers using the “Add to Existing Contact” button on the “i” info screen.


A few days late to the commenting but I have a work around for this.

I converted my home phone to OOMA and use their Premier service.
~$15 per month
This gives me 2 lines, home and spare.
I use the spare as my “cellphone” number.

Ooma has a multi ring option so all calls will ring on ooma device and cell phone.

The best part with the Premier service is the ability to blacklist numbers.
The blacklist allows use of wildcards for the endings.
I use it to block entire area codes (352*)and in some cases just a company exchange (352441*).


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