iOS Engineering VP Henri Lamiraux Retires

iOS Engineering vice president Henri Lamiraux has retired from Apple, and instead of being pushed out the door "to spend more time with his family," it looks like that's what he's actually going to do. Mr. Lamiraux is retiring and had planned on making iOS 7 his last project before turning in his executive washroom key.

iOS VP Henri Lamiraux retiresiOS VP Henri Lamiraux retires

Mr. Lamiraux started with Apple in 1990 and spent many years working on OS X, and later made the move to the iOS development team where he was instrumental in managing which features made it into the operating system and also managed bug fixes as well as features for app developers. He left Apple about two weeks ago, according to 9to5 Mac, and his LinkedIn profile shows he isn't with the company, too.

Pulling Mr. Lamiraux out of the creative mix at Apple is an unfortunate loss for the company, but not as serious an issue as it could've been since his departure was planned and not a push out the door from executives.