iOS: Finding the Elusive Degree Symbol

With summertime in full effect, and the compulsive need to share with your friends just exactly how hot it is, you may find yourself wanting to post a little Instagram (or other photo sharing service) picture of your thermometer, and add a little caption with the temperature.

But where is the degree symbol on the iOS keyboard? It's in a secret place, hiding right behind the zero key. Tap and hold on the zero key, and you'll be presented with a little key pop-up that gives you the option. Just slide your finger over to the left until the degree symbol is highlighted, then let go... WHAMO!

The iOS keyboard and some of its elusive symbols - such as the degree keyThe elusive degree symbol, hidden behind the zero the whole time

You can use the tap-and-hold trick on other keys on your iPhone or iPad virtual keyboard, too. There are lots of special characters you can find that way, and it kind of makes this a two-part bonus tip, no extra charge.