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If there's a place I don't want to forget, I use the often-overlooked Bookmarks feature in Apple Maps on my iOS devices. It's a quick way to note favorite businesses, camping sites, and so on for future reference. To add a bookmark, you'll first find an address on your map that you'd like to remember. If it's a restaurant or other business, you can just search for its name; if you're adding a natural feature that Apple Maps doesn't have listed, press and hold on its location briefly to drop a pin.

After you've found what you're looking for, touch the arrow that appears next to your place's name or address. As I've done in the screenshot below, you can use this feature on the blue dot that indicates your current location, as well.

(On the iPad, this is the letter "i" in a blue circle instead of an arrow.)

One of the choices on the next screen is "Add to Bookmarks." Unsurprisingly, that's what you're gonna do.

Give your new bookmark a name…

…and it'll save to your list. Fancy!

To check out your saved items later, you'll just touch the Bookmarks icon that appears in your Maps toolbar.

If you look at my list above, you'll see I use this for all sorts of things—restaurants I've enjoyed (especially in other states or countries), great places to hike, a favorite vacation spot, and so on. And after writing this tip, I'm hungry for a restaurant that's a thousand miles away. Thanks a lot, guys.

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Do these bookmarks sync, between iPhone and iPad for example ?

Lee Dronick

Another great tip!

I have the same question as Vpndev, will they synch? Well there is one way to find out.

Lee Dronick

Synch did not work. I bookmarked a location on my iPad then synched and backed up to my iMac. Then I synched my iPhone to the iMac, the bookmarked location did not show up in Maps.

Lee Dronick

I just conducted a new experiement. If you need to synch Map locations across devices then add the location to Contacts not to Map’s bookmarks.


But it is planned to synch in iOS7/Mavericks as far as I understand it…


Lee Dronick

That is good news Dwallin, not every location needs to be in a contact.

Melissa Holt

Hi everybody!

Thanks for all of the investigation. As far as I know, the Maps bookmarks don’t yet sync, as Lee discovered. But as dwallin pointed out, the hope is that they will, very very soon. Fingers crossed!


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