iOS 4.1 Launch Set for Sept 8

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled iOS 4.1 during the company’s iPod and music-related media event on September 1, and it looks like his nebulous “available next week” release window will actually be Wednesday, September 8. The news comes from Apple’s own U.K. Web site, although the U.S. site still says the update is “coming soon.”

Get ready for a Wednesday update

iOS 4.1 will bring iTunes TV show rentals, HDR photography, Game Center support, fixes for several bugs including the proximity sensor issue that causes accidental call disconnects, and more to the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch.

The iOS 4.1 update will be available as a free download. iOS 4.2 will be available in November and bring the iPad up to speed with the iPhone and iPod touch OS feature set and will also include wireless printing support.

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Snore, I don’t think Apple is going to make it as a company anymore.  Too many failures in a row.  People are already talking about their demise:


Trolling for hits? Geez.
Though I had to laugh. The best antivirus really is MacOSX right now!


Mac is a communist company and they will fail again because of their attempt at controlling its user base.


I see somebody banged on the bridge and all the trolls came out.

The posted link goes to an article completely unrelated to the statement made, and has a whopping five, yes FIVE comments to it, none of which say anything about Apple’s demise. If that is “people are already talking about their demise” then Apple should feel pretty good.

“Mac is a communist company?” Seriously? First of all, Mac isn’t a company (unless you are referring to M?A?C, which is a cosmetics company), and second, Apple is more the antithesis of communist. If you had said fascist you would not have lost all semblance of credibility, because then it would have at least fit in with your premise. You need to study your political dogmas before you get anywhere near a computer keyboard to post your blather.

Both of you really need to work on your trolling. You both fail at it now.

Lee Dronick

Trolling for hits?

Lately we have been seeing a lot that childish behavior here. Should we add his post to the Apple Death Knell?


I agree with Tiger—JiminyCricket (Dave G) is really trolling for hits.  Cheer up, Dave!  I gave you a hit!

I’m a little skeptical about upgrading my iPhone 3G to iOS 4.1 after I was forced to rollback to 3.1.3 because 4.0 slowed my phone so much.  Once I see some reviews touting that the issues for the 3G phone are indeed fixed, I might do it because I really liked the features of iOS 4.

As for the impending demise of Apple…I guess it could happen, but I wouldn’t put any money on that bet.  I don’t consider myself religiously affiliated with either Apple or Microsoft, but after getting my iPhone 2 years ago, I bought a Macbook 6 months later to replace my aging (and crashing) IBM ThinkPad.  I have had zero problems with it, save for needing to install some more RAM when the most recent version of Safari came out.  I don’t miss needing to “defrag.”  Anti-virus software reliably could bog down my old machine, but I use none on my Mac and (knock on wood) I don’t seem to need it.  My friend recently purchased a new Sony laptop running Windows 7, and even brand new, she’s complaining about it crashing spontaneously on her.  I don’t miss Windows.


Apple’s demise…  LMAO!!!  The stock is trading at over $250.00/share.  People all over the world buy their products faster than they can make them.  That doesn’t sound like a company about to tip over.  People who buy and use Apple products simply aren’t satisfied with mediocrity.  The rest of you can flock to Microsoft the virus magnet…

I’m eagerly anticipating iOS 4.2 for my iPad.


shut it you tool window is better look at there sales vs mac has no virus because not even half of the people in this world own a mac no hacker care to put a virus on mac because they only own not even 10-15% of sales of the whole computer world your a tool shut it


It’s cute to see Apple try to keep up with Android.  It took Apple years to get to where they are. It took Android, like what, 6 months.  That shows you something.  I’m hearing people saying already that they are pulling out of apple because they just don’t trust them as a company anymore.  Just look at sites like this:


I don’t know if JimmyKricket is trying to spam, but in all fairness I looked around that website and I think the link he meant to post was here…,641.0.html

It’s in the forums section and there is somewhat of a “discussion” about apple.



shut it you tool window is better look at there sales vs mac has no virus because not even half of the people in this world own a mac no hacker care to put a virus on mac because they only own not even 10-15% of sales of the whole computer world your a tool shut it

Oh Look!  An inarticulate pre-pubescent teenager gives his cent…  And what is Microsnot’s stock trading at, oh that’s right just what it’s worth, less than $25.00/share.  Microsnot keeps going down and Apple keeps going up, so guess what, Apple is now worth more than Microsnot.  Don’t take my word for it, read the following…

Microsnot vs. Apple

It was bound to happen quality always surpasses mediocrity, eventually… grin


JimmyKricket, please stop trying to drive traffic to your site. You are spamming and will be handled appropriately if you do not stop.


Oo, is it my turn to post shortened links for no reason other than to obscure the destination?


It?s in the forums section and there is somewhat of a ?discussion? about apple.

Half of the posts are from the moderator or site owner, who are clearly Apple-haters. Not much of a discussion at all, to be frank. Not a single person not associated with the site agreed with them.

Flamebait, pure and simple.


Flamebait, pure and simple.

Successful flamebait, I might add. Discussing it only draws more attention to it.

Good life lesson: don’t follow shortened urls when there is no reason for them to be short (aka, they are not in a twitter post).


I noticed he said the iPad would get HDR photos too in 4.2, which will come later this year. Guess the iPad will get a FF camera for facetime. The iPod Touch will only have a FF camera too. Can’t imagine too many people taking photos with the iPod Touch and the iPad if they only have FF cameras…


The iPod Touch already has two cameras, see this…

Two Cams

The iPad will surely have the same camera options in the next iteration…


I totally agree with the trolls: Apple is going down, down, down. It’s been months since they have introduced a new product that defines a new category and sends Google and MicroSoft running to catch up. In fact, if you look back, the only completely game changing innovations they have had this century are the iPad, the app store, the iPod, the iPhone, multitouch for the masses, iTunes, and a few others. They are fading fast. Losers!


Ahhh, sarcasm!!

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