iOS 4.3.3 May Fix iPhone Location Tracking

Apple promised a fix for extra location data that has been stored on iPhones, and it seems that patch may be included in the soon to be released iOS 4.3.3 update. Apparently the update is due to ship within the next two weeks, according to anonymous sources Boy Genius Report spoke with.

iPhone location tracking mapCell tower and Wi-Fi locations near you are stored on your iPhone

The iOS 4.3.3 update will allegedly reduce the number of days worth of location data stored on user’s iPhones, no longer backs up the database to user’s computers, and deletes the database when Location Services is disabled. The update should also include fixes for improved battery life, along with fixes for iPod app bugs.

Apple came under fire in late April when two security researches published a report showing the iPhone maintains a database detailing locations where users have been, and that the file can contain up to a year’s worth of tracking information. Apple responded by saying the database actually includes cell tower and Wi-Fi hotspot locations that are used for faster position acquisition.

The company also said a bug was preventing the database from deleting old data and that only a week’s worth of information should be maintained.

Apple said a software update to address the bugs would be available soon, but hasn’t offered an official release date.