iOS 4.3 May Launch Tuesday Afternoon

Apple CEO Steve Jobs told the media iOS 4.3 will be available on Friday, March 11, with the launch of the iPad 2. A new rumor is out, however, claiming that iOS 4.3 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad will be released at 10AM pacific time on Tuesday.

News of the alleged early release comes courtesy of Boy Genius Report and the usual unnamed sources.

iOS 4.3Apple may launch iOS 4.3 early

Assuming the rumor is correct, releasing the iOS update early makes sense because it gives Apple the ability to deal with the heavy network traffic and extra support calls that go along with updates, and puts a couple days between the iOS 4.3 launch and the first iPad 2 sales.

Apparently the unnamed sources claiming iOS 4.3 hits today also said the Personal Hotspot feature in the update will be limited to supporting three wireless device connections unless carriers specifically ask Apple to bump the limit up to five. Personal Hotspot is a feature that lets iPhone users share their wireless 3G data connection with other devices such as laptops and iPads.

Apple isn’t confirming the early iOS 4.3 release rumor, or word that Personal Hotspots will be limited to three devices be default, so for now both should be taken with an appropriate dose of salt.