iOS 4 Digital Zoom

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Apple’s freshly released iOS 4 added a new digital zoom feature that’s compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS Camera app.

To use the digital zoom feature, launch the Camera app, and then tap on the view finder area to show the zoom slider. Sliding your finger to the right zooms in, and sliding to the left zooms out.

iOS 4’s digital zoom slider

Since the zoom feature is digital, the final image won’t look as good as if you used an actual zoom lens. It will, however, work in a pinch and since it’s included with the free iOS 4 update, it won’t cost anything extra to try it out.



I’m glad you noted that the digital zoom isn’t as good as an optical zoom lens. I don’t know how many times I had to correct salespeople who tried to sell me a digital camera touting it’s great ‘digital zoom’ capabilities. smile

Digital is great in many cases, but optical zoom is still better (until the resolution of cameras is higher than the human eye can see and thus you can scale down without seeing any loss). smile

Yeah, I’m a geek. smile

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