iOS 5.1 Developer Beta Adds Photo Stream Deletion

Apple has released the second beta release of IOS 5.1 to developers, and the primary new features included in the release is the ability to delete photos from your Photo Stream.

iOS 5.1b2

Apple Releases iOS 5.1 beta 2 to Developers

Photo Stream is Apple’s iCloud-powered service that puts your most recent 1,000 photos on all of your iOS devices and Macs. One of the criticisms of the service, however, is that while one can permanently save an image from the stream, there is no way to delete images. The developer release suggests that Apple wants to address this shortcoming.

Apple’s developer release notes said, “Photos taken using iOS 5.1 can be deleted from Photo Stream on your device and will be removed automatically from Photo Stream on your other iOS 5.1 devices. Older photos can be manually deleted from your iOS 5.1 devices.”

The other changes in the iOS 5.1b2 release are bug fixes aimed at developers.