iOS 5.1: Using the New Lock Screen Camera

When Apple introduced iOS 5, one of the many new features the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software update included was the ability to snap photos from the lock screen, no need for pass codes. With the release of iOS 5.1, the way you access the camera changed — but only slightly.

iOS 5.1's new lock screen Camera buttoniOS 5.1’s new lock screen Camera button

Previously, taking photos from the lock screen involved double-tapping the Home button, then tapping the camera button next to the unlock slider. After installing iOS 5.1, the process is still pretty much the same: either tap or double-tap the Home button, but instead of tapping the camera button, slide the button up towards the top of the screen.

Slide up instead of tapping to use CameraSlide up instead of tapping to use Camera

A little flick won’t get you to the camera. Instead, you’ll need to slide the camera icon about three quarters up the screen before you’re greeted with the familiar Camera view finder.

Once Camera is active, taking photos works just as it did before. You can tap to set the focus, pinch to zoom, and use the volume buttons or on-screen shutter button to snap photos.

Apple released iOS 5.1 on Wednesday. It’s available as a free update through iTunes or iOS 5’s over-the-air update option.