iOS 6 Beta Adds iCloud Email Addresses

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iOS 6 beta 3, which was released to developers on Monday, added support for iCloud email addresses. The change means when users sign up for new Apple IDs, they’ll receive an email address instead of

iOS 6 beta adds email addressesiOS 6 beta adds email addresses

Macworld UK reported that the release notes for the latest iOS 6 beta also say that users will automatically receive matching addresses that match their existing addresses. Presumably, Apple will let customers continue to use addresses, just as the company did when it migrated from addresses, although there hasn’t been any official confirmation of that yet.

Version 3 of the beta OS also improved Maps features and turn-by-turn directions, improved iMessage on the iPad, improved privacy settings, and more.

iOS 6 was officially introduced during Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in early June and will ship some time later this year. The beta is available only to members of Apple’s developer program and shouldn’t be used on mission critical iPhones or iPads.

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So that now gives me three:;; Which really will be “one.” Trinity email account!


Once upon a time I had my address and it was good.
Then along came my address and it was annoying. I tried to ignore it but kept trying to default to so the people I was sending to were getting confused as to which address was “right”.
Then Apple announced MobileMe was going away. I saw the handwriting on the wall. I knew it would mean a third different, preferred by address and more confusion from the people I send to.
I looked around found a hosting company that would hold my web site, and gave me e-mail as well, all tied to my own domain for significantly less than MobileMe cost. Now I have an address with my real name on it as does my wife and a couple of others (
It is again good.

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