iOS: Bring Back an Email Draft—Quickly

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Sometimes when you’re composing a message on your iOS device, you realize that you’ll have to finish your e-mail later. After saving your message as a draft, it’s quite frustrating to then have to navigate through your mailboxes to find the appropriate Drafts folder, especially if you’ve got a million mail accounts like I do and often compose messages from different addresses.

Gotta keep my secret identities secret using separate e-mail accounts, you know.

So to avoid having to try to find your draft, just touch and hold on the Compose button from any window within the iOS Mail app.

When you do, your last saved draft will pop back up, ready to be edited—no sleuthing required. Much better than searching through things, isn’t it?

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Wow! That’s a great tip. Thanks!

Melissa Holt

You’re welcome, ibuck! Thanks for reading.


It only works as long as you keep mail open.


Upgraded my iPad 2 with ios6 and the emails I save to drafts are not in the Draft folder where they used to be.  Where are they?  Even when I hold down the Compose button, only drafts per-ios6 are there!  No post-ios6 draft emails.  It gives me the option to save a draft email which I do but they I can’t find the draft to complete.  Please HELP!  Thanks, Kay

Melissa Holt

Hey Kay,

I would try restarting your iPad by holding down its top button until the “slide to power off” button appears, then swipe across it to do so. Start it back up by pressing and holding that same button until you see the Apple logo.

That’s the first line of defense when something weird like this happens. smile


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