iOS Leapfrogs PSP in Gaming

Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have claimed a substantially larger part of the mobile gaming market than Sony’s PSP, and are quickly gaining on Nintendo’s DS and DSi. About 40.1 million iOS device users in the U.S. are into mobile gaming, while only 18 million play games on the PSP, according to GamePro.

Apple is quickly closing in on Nintendo’s 41.0 million users, too. The figures come from a survey conducted by Newzoo as part of its International Gamers Survey 2010.

The study also showed that about two thirds of the iPad and PSP game players surveyed play games at least three days a week. In comparison, about 50 percent of iPhone, iPod touch, DS and DSi users play games at least three days a week.

iOS devices may be taking a significant portion of the mobile gaming market, but its Nintendo users that are more likely to pay for games. 67 percent of DS and DSi owners will spend money on games, while 66 percent of the PSP owners will. 45 percent of iPhone and iPod touch, and 32 percent of iPad owners are willing to buy games for their devices.

Assuming the trends continue, Apple should surpass Nintendo soon, making it the most popular mobile gaming platform around.